Promotional Headshots Get Creative

Commercial, Portfolio Development, Portraitson May 11th, 2010Comments Off on Promotional Headshots Get Creative

Erik Rees needed some promotional shots for the cover of his new book Only You Can Be You! I set-up a simple white backdrop outside in the shade and lit the image with one strobe. This isn’t the image we used on the book but it is one of my favorites from the set.

DIYMOM: Keep it Simple

DIY MOMon April 29th, 2010Comments Off on DIYMOM: Keep it Simple

Taking a great photo doesn’t have to be a complicated act. As a matter of fact, the best images usually come from some of the simplest set-ups. The key is knowing when you have good light. This image was taken with my point-n-shoot camera while waiting outside a restaurant on my mom’s birthday. My nephew was standing there looking up at me and the light was right. Good light and unique perspective make this a great image.