“You’re amazing! I had a blast. The pics are so amazing. I am very, very impressed. Thank you!”

Becci Bentley, Aliso Viejo, CA

“You are a frickin’ stalion! Massive talent brother!! We appreciate you big time! We’ll be spredding the word about you!”

Kyle McGregor, Aliso Viejo, CA

“WOW!!! No, DOUBLE WOW! I love them Rick! You are amazing!”

Gail, Seal Beach, CA

“WE ARE TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!!! These are a huge gift and blessing to us. We love them. I could keep looking at these for such a long time. You actually caught Nick and I. Your picks are by far our favorites. You did exactly what we wanted and that was something she could see later and know that we were excited for her, and that we love each other!! Thank you, thank you. You have a gift…and I’m sure we will be hearing a lot of your name very soon!!”

Leslie and Nick, Ladera Ranch, CA

“WOW! Your maternity shots are awesome!! I would almost be willing to get pregnant again just to have some shots like that…well, no. But almost!”

Julie Gehr, Dove Canyon, CA

“I think your are an amazing photographer who captures the true beauty in children and life. I think gifts like that should be shared with others!”

Tonja Gray, Ladera Ranch, CA

“Wow, the photos look awesome! It was so fun to look at them all. We both loved them.We are definitely going to want to order a ton. We love how you really did capture the entire day! We love all the action shots. We’re so excited about them. You are the best and we’re going to refer you to everyone we know so we hope you are ready to do more weddings! Thanks a million!”

Becky and Zac, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I just wanted to tell you that I think your photography is amazing!”

Amy O’Connell, Ladera Ranch, CA

“Wow!! Great job! As usual, everything you do is top rate! Love you.”

Mom, Irvine, CA